About Us

We are seafood industry enthusiasts and experienced technologists with a track record of delivering global trading and e-commerce solutions.

Decades building and operating trading systems for thousands of users across the globe.
Trading systems used by the top financial, insurance and trading firms in the world.
Strong background in compliance and document management
Domain expertise in the seafood supply chain
Ruthless obsession with building and launching technology-enabled services that people love to use and companies value

Making global electronic trading affordable, easy and seamless for producers, processors, exporters and brokers.

To bring transparency, traceability and efficiency to global food supply chains through premier communities of trust, powered by advanced technology.

We practice these principles in our work as a company and as individuals as we strive to constantly better ourselves:
Urgency: We produce good work, but recognize there is so much opportunity for impact that Now beats Perfect
Transparency: We are an open book in everything we do as a company, and as individuals, because we value collaboration and prioritize doing right by others
Community: We serve together, we serve others, and we work to bring together those with whom we do business

We are undoing fragmentation, and breaking down barriers...
We are eliminating factors which undermine trust, and closing the door on fraud...
We are enabling parties of all sizes to operate on a level playing field...

...so that everyone can know what is on their plate.